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Q: How many businesses are in Springfield? A. More than you think there are.

Are you looking to connect with local businesses in town? Take a look at the local businesses that are members of our association and shop local. We appreciate your business and referrals!



Who We Are


The Springfield Business Association (SBA) is organized to:

  1. Promote, preserve, and enhance the Springfield area commerce
  2. Develop active business-to-business networking among members
  3. Provide business-specific educational opportunities to its members
  4. Provide benevolent community programs

Member Benefits


  • Directory – hard copy & online
  • Facebook page - promotion of businesses and events 
  • Networking & networking events – business to business
  • Event coordination and support – retail locations
  • Business training 
  • SBA certificates
  • Window Decal/logo
  • More to come as association grows…


SBA Members

Calendar of Events


March SBA Meeting

6 pm

City Hall - 170 N 3rd St, Springfield, NE 68059

Event Details


March SBA Meeting

Save the date for the March meeting where we plan to share insights from the member survey and strategic planning session. 

6 pm

City Hall - 170 N 3rd St, Springfield, NE 68059

Contact Us

We strive to stay in communication with our members and the Springfield, NE community. Have a question about our association, how to get involved or want to join us at our next event? Send us a message!  

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Springfield Business Association

Springfield, Nebraska, United States


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